Making nut milk.


Since I stopped having cows milk few years ago, I have struggled to find good nut milk to substitute it (almond milk is my preference). I have tried few different brands in a carton packaging and did not suit my taste...  If you are coffee or tea drinker you will understand me:-)) 

I have become a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to a coffee and it is possibly influenced by Australian coffee culture.

Coffee needs to be not just good but "great" here! I love family run coffee shops. Nice and cosy corner stores with smell of freshly ground coffee that extends across the street... 

Only having one, two at most, cups of coffee a day I want to enjoy it and it needs to be GOOOOD CUP OF COFFEE:-)! 

I decided it was time to start making my own nut milk. First, it was just a cotton piece of fabric that I used. Leftover cuttings from the time I was making baby blankets while expecting my first daughter and "nesting" as it's called. 

Then I decided to sew my own nut milk bag that served me well for few years now. 

My nut milk recipe is very simple:

- soak cup of nuts overnight (I buy mine in the bulk food store) 
- wash them thoroughly
- place nuts, two dates, 2xcups of water in the food processor and wizzz for about 20-30 seconds 
- strain it through the nut milk bag 
- add two table spoons of honey (if you like a bit of sweetness in you coffee) 

(Use left nut pulp for bliss balls or cake. Sometimes I dry it in the oven and add to my cereal in the morning.)

Rinse glass bottle and a lid in boiling water and poor nut milk. Store it in the fridge and it should last you for two-three days.  

So far, homemade almond milk is best one I have tried with my freshly ground coffee beans.  

Did you know facts:

- Coffee beans are best used within 3-4 weeks of roasting and stored in the constant temperature (in the fridge) 
- If coffee beans become shiny they are getting old and coffee becomes bitter. 

I buy mine in 500g or 1kg bag from coffee roasters like Yahava coffee. You can bring your bag or reuse coffee bag few time as you can fill your own in their store. 

Happy coffee and tea drinking! 

Team Sumki. 

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