Our first steps to zero waste and plastic free life

How it all started and first steps we have taken as a family?  

It was a literally a switch in my head when I came to realisation that plastic is overtaking our life! 

I have attended the workshop, here in Perth, on Plastic free tips a while back and my mind did not stop since. I saw plastic everywhere and when I was shopping, it made me stopped buying things I usually would have put in my shopping basket without thinking.

My mind and my thinking have shifted. Do not take me wrong, I still have plastic in my life but it is down to a minimum and I recycle all of it. Soft plastic goes in the special bag and I drop it off in soft plastic recycling bins when full. 

I accept, it has introduced more things to do and to think of into our busy life with young children, but it makes me and my family responsible citizens of the Earth.

My children are 4 and 6 now, and they are onboard with me. They ask questions and help us to make sure, we do our best to reduce our waste. 

It was an extra challenge as a working mum to find free time but I always liked a challenge. :-)) 

I have started with few simple step that came very naturally: 

  • Bought reusable cups for myself and my hubby. We both love fresh cup of coffee in the morning on our way to work. This actually saves us money as well! We purchased a good coffee machine that uses coffee beans. Since we moved to Australia in 2010, I have become a bit of a snob when it comes to coffee:-) (I even have barista certificate:-)) Do ask me why? 
  • Lunch boxes for kids and adults. We need to make sure we prepare our lunch the night before.
  • Switched to “who gives a crap” toiler paper. This step comes with great benefits - you never run our of toilet paper!! :-) you always have a delivery on the way! 
  • I used my Enjo cleaning fibres for last 5 years and it is still working for me! Saves me money in a long run as well. My original reason using Enjo was to move to chemical free home, when I had my babies, but it came with few extra benefits. I love it, especially in the kitchen. 
  • 89% of times, I shop at my local Farmers Markets for fruit, vegetables and bread to avoid plastic packaging. The rest 11% - it is just a local shop but it has plenty of loose fruit and veg to choose from. Our family eat seasonal products only to make sure it is all local (Australian) product.  

Not so simple steps, as I love a challenge, were:

  • I have started to make my own bees wax food wraps and never bought plastic film since. Detailed blog on that coming soon! Also you can easily buy them now online. 
  • I have started making more snacks myself for my daughters and they love to help when they can:-) 
  • Bought a worm farm! Worms are nearly as pets in our house. Worm juice also helps to feed all of my herbs and few trees we have in the garden. 
  • I have become vegetarian.
  • Started to make my own bags that have grown into another adventure of "Sumki brand". 

This was our start to low waste, low plastic journey that we have embarked on and it is still evolving. 

Hope you will find some tips that will make you think and make better choices in your life. 


x, Aizhan  

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