plastic free tips

  • Plastic bag facts. Reusable shopping bag benefits.

    Here are a few facts about plastic bags to help demonstrate the value of reusable bags to consumers and the environment. 

    • According to various estimates, Taiwan consumes 20 billion plastic bags annually (900 per person), Japan consumes 300 billion bags each year (300 per person), and Australia consumes 6.9 billion plastic bags annually (326 per person). So we are not bad in comparison but how about making it close to even just a million? 
  • Our first steps to zero waste and plastic free life

    How it all started and first steps we have taken as a family?  

    Here you can find few simple and not so simple steps that helped me to embrace Plastic free and low waste living. 

    Do not take me wrong, I still have plastic in my life but it is down to a minimum we can deal with.

  • Welcome to my little shop!

    Hello and welcome to my eco shop!