Why Sumki bread bag is better?


Before I launched into this adventure I joined Plastic Free July challenge and reusable bread bag was one of the things I have purchased. 

It was made of recycled plastic that was a bonus... The only problem was, my bread was still going mouldy... I have reduced plastic in the house but bread did not last. 

So that was another problem that I needed to solve. This little isssue kickstarted my brand.

I made my own cotton bag for bread. (Thank you grandma and my primary school for teaching me to sew so many years ago:-))

Issue with cotton bag was that bread was drying too quick... and there came extra cotton lining. 

First I made it to try myself and it worked. Perfect reusable, breathable bread bag with extra cotton lining! 

My bread stays fresh longer. After second or third day I place my bread in the bread bag and into the bread bin. I have no problems with mould now. 

Also you can freeze bread in this bag.

I bake my sourdough during week ends and it lasts for a week if we have not eaten it before.

Zero waste tipBy the day 6-7 I just cut up leftover bread and pop it in the oven at 175DegC to make crunchy croutons that will go with soup anytime! 

- add dash of olive oil, salt and crushed rosemary will taste even better! 

Taaadaaa! Fresh croutons are ready. They do not last long as family loves them.

Hope you will enjoy using Sumki Bread bag! 


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