About Sumki

I have always been mindful of our environment, but it all fell into place when I had my children. Growing up in a post-Soviet country, I have seen plastic slowly enter our lives since the early 90's. 

I have been lucky to grow up in a house with a garden full of fruit trees, berries and vegetables. It was a necessity for my large family.

I have 5 sisters, yes 6 girls. My grandparents lived with us as well. It was a house full of laughter, spirit and women 😊. 

I still remember how my mum recycled all plastic bags, thick and thin, as they were not easily available. Most of the time our grocery shopping was done on “Zeleny Bazar” i.e. "Green market" where people were selling their own produce or farmers bringing their crop from farms. It still exists and has everything from laundry needs to pantry items, fresh fruit and veg.

Our food was never pre-packed! We had homemade cotton bags that we would wash after every use. This way of life from a young age influenced and guided the choices I wanted to make as an adult. 

Now in 2019 and living in Perth, Western Australia, and a mother of two beautiful girls, I am going back to my roots of “zero waste living”. 

A few years ago, I was introduced to the “Plastic Free July” movement, and it sparked the idea of making my own bags, followed by creating my own brand.

"SUMKA" is one bag  and "SUMKI" is multiple bags in Russian. 

The Eco Sumki mission is to eliminate single use plastic in our life and encourage people to be mindful of the environment for our next generations.

Going “zero waste” and plastic free with little children is not an easy task, and I am still on the journey to get to the end goal. I have had a few wins along the way that I can be proud of. 

You can find more information and tips on how I have replaced single use plastic in my life in my blog and Steps to zero waste page. 
Join us on our zero waste journey today, and reduce your plastic footprint! 

for my girls

Doing it for my girls! 
Thank you, 
The Sumki Team.