What Eco Sumki or Sumka means? 

"SUMKI" means set of bags in Russian and "SUMKA" is one bag. 

How do I care for my reusable shopping bags? 

Because our bags are made from organic cotton, please use your cold wash cycle (no more than 30DegC)and line dry outside in the shade. We don't recommend a drying machine as the cotton may shrink. 

Can I personalise my bag? 

Yes you can personalise your bags but there is a minimum order of 20 and extra fees will apply. Contact us for further details at hello@ecosumki.com.au 

How do I use a promotional code?

Simply click the button in the pop-up box and the code should be directly applied at checkout. Alternatively, you can always copy and paste the code at checkout.

Thank you,
Sumki Team